Power Wheels Lightning McQueen Electric Car – Hours Of Racing Adventures

The Disney movie “Cars” was a massive hit as was its main character the shiny red race car Lightning McQueen, kids around the planet were hooked.

Well, Fisher Price have once again come up trumps for all Cars fans with their Power Wheels Lightning McQueen Race Car for youngsters between the ages of 3 and 8 years of age. (This age range is dependant on the individual child’s height and weight.)

This slick, speedy, bright red electric car is powered by a 6 volt battery which, I have on good authority will last for about 3 hours of continuous riding when fully charged. To be certain that you do have a fully charged battery it is best done overnight. Having a back up battery which is always charged is a good idea because all you need to do is swap them over and the fun can continue! Removing and replacing the battery is simple to do.

You will find that the Power Wheels Lightning McQueen really is a race car – it is capable of reaching 5 mph – for a 3 year old that is pretty fast! I should point out at this stage that 5 mph is actually the faster speed setting. The slower setting will allow your little racing driver to get up to 2.5 mph which is way fast enough for any learner driver. Parents – you can actually lock out the higher speed setting until you are sure that your child is ready. Naturally there is a reverse gear as well and the car is fitted with power lock brakes.

One of the best features amongst the kids I have spoken to is the race car sound effects and the well known phrases from the movie said in a real Lightning McQueen voice.

Power Wheels Lightning McQueen Features at a Glance:

*2 speed settings.

*6 volt battery.

*Sound effects and real phrases from the “Cars” movie.

*High speed lock out.

*Power lock brakes

Just like many other ride on toys the Power Wheels Lightning McQueen car
sports shiny plastic wheels which appear to cause some problems with traction, particularly on smooth surfaces and grass – most often if it is wet. However the instances of this seem to vary some people appear to have no problems whilst others say that the wheels just spin. On a positive note, there is a solution, it is possible to buy and fit rubber bands to the wheels which instantly resolves any problem.

Another two or three niggles pointed out by parents/grandparents the Lightning McQueen racing car does not have doors which open and close, nor does it have seat belts or a storage area so youngsters can take their other favourite toys for a ride. As for the kids – non of this seems to matter.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

* Power Wheels Lightning McQueen

* 6 volt Battery

* Battery Charger

** Batteries for Sound Effects NOT included

The car does require some putting together but I am assured that this is simple and straight forward even for those parents who find such tasks frightening!

On the whole kids and parents alike just love this Power Wheels Lightning McQueen race car. It is safe, durable and well worth the money because it will give its proud owner hours of fun and adventure.

One thing which is definitely worth mentioning a racing helmet would make a great addition to the whole theme and ensure that your little one has some protection should any mishaps take place.