Electrical Wires: Romex Cable, THHN And UF-B Cable. Practical Aspects To Have Knowledge Of.

As you know there is a really wide assortment of cables and wires that are used for different tasks. If you are interested in such kind of electric subject, you should keep on reading, as this article includes the fundamentals of kinds of electrical wires for different applications. To be more correct you will find main details concerning Romex cable, the THHN single conductor electrical wire and UF-B Cable.

To start with there is a need to specify that electrical wires can be used both – indoors and outdoors. Still, there are kinds of cables that can not be used outside as their jackets do not have the ability to resist rain, solvents and damp. Romex cable refers to this sort of indoor cables.

As relating to THHN wire, it should be mentioned that they are used for numerous purposes by electricians. One more important aspect to indicate here is that the cost of adding that approval is minimal and that is the reason why it always has the dual rating (THHN and THWN).

THHN is a 600 Volt Polyvinyl chloride wire with a nylon coating. Its major features are:
- simple installation into conduit/ tray
- THHN wire is rated for 90°C
- THHN wire has UL approvals
- THHN wire is made from soft drawn bare copper with only 19 copper strands (so, it’s stiff enough to push either through conduit or tray in the easiest manner).

Romex wire doesn’t have a lot of dissimilarities. In other words it means it considers to be similar to the previously mentioned category of wires, because it’s the THHN/THWN conductors with an over all PVC jacket. You should also know that it enables sending two, three conductors with a ground wire through conduit at once.

As it was already mentioned, Romex wire is used indoors only. If you are in search of an outdoor / underground cable for some of your electrical projects you should pick the UF-B Cable, which has a great jacket to withstand all weather conditions outside. Sure, the price should also be taken into consideration and it will be useful for you to find out that UF-B Cable is not very expensive, and it is worth paying for. So, if you want to finish your outdoor electrical mission successfully, it is not recommended to pick Romex, because it will not provide good results in the long run.

These days you can easily find electric distributor offering a really wide range of different kinds of cables.

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