Five Reasons Why Honeywell Rth221b Basic Programmable Thermostat Will Be The Thermostat You Will Ever Need.

Honeywell programmable thermostat assessment

Let us talk about a special Honeywell thermostat shall we? Did you know that this thermostat can assist you with you energy savings without placing your comfort levels to the side? Ever since my purchase 1 year ago, i have saved a total of $320 bucks on my power bill. I don’t know about you, but i can do alot with $320 greenbacks.

Its not hard to operate either, the one piece build looks fantastic with almost any home designs. The best part is that the honeywell thermostat rth221b functions with most heating and cooling systems on the market. Lets find out why this is the most suitable Honeywell thermostat..

1. Ok, thats all fine.. but what about the features?-Excellent question. This thermostat allows us..

* 4 Four program periods per day..

* Ultra accurate temperature control, plus..

* Is compatible gas, electric, and even oil furnaces, and..

* Comes with a standard 1-year, iron clad warranty, which really puts my mind at ease.

I bet you didnt know using a programmable thermostat is a cheap, yet efficient way to reduce your power bills. What i love the most about this wonderful thermostat is that im able to control the temperature of my house even while im in the workplace. Honeywell rth221b allows me the option to create a simple program which will run the course of a week. The 4 daily program time frames are..

* Wake..

* Leave..

* Return and..

* Rest.

On Sundays night i program my Honeywell rth221b basic programmable thermostat which suggests i only set the temperature for my home 3-4 times a month, you do the math.

2. A serious energy saver! How does 35 percent annual home heating and cooling savings sound huh? This useful device helps me save the most energy while im away from home or sleeping which im sure will help you lower your power usage big time per month.

3. A true user-friendly design my friend. Since all control buttons are made visible on the front, it allows for efficient use. Also, your display will show your set temperature along with correct temperature.

4. How compatible will this thing be with my current system? Look, the RTHH221B will work with..

* Central gas..

* Electric..

* Oil furnaces and..

* Milli volt systems. If your 1 of the lots of people who own a..

* Multi-stage heating/cooling system..

* Electric baseboard or..

* Heat-pump system..

The honeywell rth221b basic programmable thermostat will not work for you, im sorry. As i mentioned before, this top notch thermostat is backed by Honeywells iron clad one-year warranty.

5. So whats come in the box? Glad you asked. My box came with..

* My Honeywell thermostat..

* Docking components..

* Warranty card (do not lose this card please) and..

* Instruction manual.

Therefore if your ready to save money with a set it and forget it programmable thermostat, this is for you. If not, i hope you enjoy rising energy cost! I hope i have been of , enjoy the rest of your day my friend.

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