Homemade Wind Turbine History

Homemade Wind Turbine History

Wind is probably one of the cheapest and cleanest source of alternative energy – and gas prices skyrocketing, more and more people are considering using homemade wind turbines and leave the grid, and people are surprised excess of simplicity and effectiveness of this new technology. However, while many people may think that the wind generator is a relatively new technology, a surprise to discover that people began to use wind energy even during the early part of recorded human history.

Mentioned that the simplest homemade wind turbines have been used way back in ancient history. Windmills are used in Persia, even as early as 500-900 AD windmill was built in Sistan, the area between Afghanistan and Iran. This vertical axis windmill windmill and a rectangular vertical shaft with a knife. According to records, the wheat-grinding is probably the first wind mill applications. However, it also mentioned that the wind-mills are also used to automate the task of pumping water. Surprisingly, the vertical axis windmills are also used in China around 1219 AD at almost the same purpose.

In Europe, windmills were used in the 12th century, the earliest recorded reference to a windmill in 1185. Unlike its predecessor which uses a vertical shaft configuration, the windmills of Europe is built with a horizontal axis. Note that this may be because many European water wheel also has a horizontal axis configuration, and may be a reference point for European windmill. Another possible reason could be a better structural efficiency of the machine horizontally.

Since then, the windmill will continue to be a reliable equipment and provide people with the automation of activities that make life a lot better. Windmill will also rise rapidly. In the 14th century, the Dutch started to improve the design of the windmill and attach the plant to the top of the basic post-story tower, each floor of the processing of certain tasks. One floor is for grinding grain and another to remove the straw, but one for storing grain and other activities.

One of the more significant improvement of the European mills are using the screen. This screen generated aerodynamic lift causes the rotor velocity increases. With the rotor speed increases come better grinding and pumping action.

Windmills have more improvements in recent years. Some improvement is the placement of the pole position blade quarter of a chord camber on the leading edge, having a center of gravity in the position of the chord 1 / 4 the same, and nonlinear rotating blades. By 1888, the windmill is finally configured to ultimately generate electricity. Windmill continues and it is named wind turbine.

Currently, wind turbines used by many people, not just the government and major power companies, but also by many do-it-yourself person using homemade wind turbines. Wind turbines have come a long way from humble beginnings to become one of the alternatives the most cost effective source of energy that we have now.

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