The Benefits Of Electric Fencing Shock Levels

An electric fence is a very helpful and effective fence when it comes to the safety of your livestock. Electric fencing restricts the movements of animals or people into or out of the protected area. Moderate, painful and lethal are the many levels of voltage used in electric fencing. Not only acting as a physical barrier, but also a psychological deterrant especially should you hang warning signs across the fence.

Electric fencing is used to restrict movements out of high security prisons. Due to the fact that in-mates, given the potential, would run from prison, electric fencing is often used to guard the perimeters of the prisons to stop any potentially dangerous outcome. Electric fencing is also incorperate at borders to stop illegal migration. The level of voltage used in these instances is usually the deadly level that could result in death.

The effectiveness of electric fencing has also been noticed in the agricultural sector, especially in the livestock subsector. It is used in order to stop the animals from moving out of their encampments. The levels of shock used for animal restraint usually fall in the moderate and painful levels. A moderate charge level is used in electric fencing where the animals involved are the non aggressive type, but the painful level is used for electric fencing wiring where the animals involved are the aggressive types like herd animals.

In addition to using an electric fences for restricting the movements of animals out of their rearing area, it is also used to stop potentially dangerous entry into these fields from outside. Example of unwanted entries are probably predators, including humans, which may want to feed on the animals. Painful to lethal voltage levels are used for this purpose, and the farmer needs to ensure, by regularly inspecting, that the electric wiring is not disrupted in order not to allow any access for escape.

In residential and private areas, however, moderate and painful discharge levels are mostly made use of to barricade private properties from intruders. These types of electric fences also make use of alarm sirens should the wiring be interrupted. These moderate levels of electric discharge is also used for fencing at airports and on government grounds for the same intent of deterring all unauthorized intrusions.

So, as you can now appreciate electric fencing can provide comprehensive safety from dangers to you, your family and on your property. So if you are in need of a home defense system then an electric fence should be a definite addition.

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